Control any software system with your voice

To all hands-on workers out there, Screevo is the voice assistant that allows you to control workstations from remote, hands free, no integration is required.

The startup supporting
your daily tasks

Spending too much time on screens? Tired of the endless hours of data entry? 

Screevo has the solution just right for you.

Learn more about our vision, set your hands free, focus on what you are best at. 

Data entry is the world’s most hated computer task

Do you know what is the annual cost of data entry in an average company?

25,000 hours

Spent with paper forms, spreadsheets, systems...

400,000 $

...And a lot of money with it


...And lost employees productivity

Improve your productivity

And gain up to a 40% of your time!

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Screevo AI Engine

Your gate to endless possibilities

Talk to your systems to enter data, with screevo

Screevo allows you to control your workstations from remote. Use your voice to surf through web pages, insert data and start jobs to automate repetitive tasks on screen.  

80% ROI

Go Live in 15 days

Money Back Guarantee

Why now?


Never loose time again on repetitive tasks on screen.

Cost Reduction

Save your employees’ time by automating tasks on screen.

Quality & Accuracy

The beauty of automation? It is always predictable!


Why not parallelizing workers and automation tasks?

Data Management

Oversee your data flow, take control, plan actions.

24h Service

Relentless algorithms always by your side, days and nights.