Case study: Marangoni

Management of non-conformities in a 4.0 perspective

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Initial need Marangoni is a world-renowned company in the design and production of machinery for the production of tires. It currently focuses on the production of tire assembly machines for sophisticated applications, paying close attention to innovation and co-operation processes. The company expressed the need to simplify the monitoring and control processes through new innovative tools that would allow to change the reporting and data entry processes by optimizing the processes that require a lot of time for workers to check for non-compliance.

“The operational synergy between my team and the Screevo developers was excellent. Once the project specifications were defined together, the development was done on time for all the deadlines. I recommend the company as an important industrial partner.”

Daniele Nordio, Marangoni Machinery


execution To satisfy this business need, the startup Screevo was chosen for its hands-free voice assistant capable of supporting Marangoni workers in their daily activities.

The 12 weeks of co-innovation, developed within the Foundation Open Factory program and financed by the VRT Foundation in partnership with Elis, saw the two realities collaborate in the development of the project to design the flow of action carried out by the user during the verification of non-conformities, developing and integrating the application with the characteristics required by the process and carrying out tests and verifications to identify the benefits deriving from the developed solution.

The Screevo application was customized according to the needs expressed by Marangoni with the aim to reduce the data entry time and support the reporting of issues during the control and test phase of the machinery. Screevo allowed a real-time and accurate mapping of scouted non-conformities.


All the goals defined in the design phase have been achieved, and in particular:


The implementation of a voice control system to simplify reporting, data entry and image processes.


The optimization of processes that require a lot of time for workers, improving the quality of work and increasing operations.


The creation of a tool capable of integrating the flow of information with the automation application.

The implementation of the Screevo solution has made it possible to optimize data entry and report creation times through an efficient and intuitive process that allows users to focus on the core activities of the verification, control and testing of processes.

Through the use of the developed tool, an increase in the productivity of individual employees is expected in relation to the shorter time spent building reports, thus dedicating more attention and time to other activities.

In economic terms, the project allows the immediate zeroing of data entry costs. From a practical point of view, it considerably facilitates the registration of non-conformities even remotely, favoring rapid and effective actions.

Screevo eliminates on-screen interaction for data entry into the system, allowing operators, employees and technicians to save up to 40% of their time. Curious? Contact us!

“It all started, according to the most recent research, about 3.2 million years ago. The appearance of the opposable thumb in an ancient ancestor of our species represented a crucial milestone in the development and success of man on the planet. We believe that the hands of every employee, worker or worker, heirs of that epochal turning point, must be able to express themselves in what they do best, rather than spending endless hours on the screen to introduce data.”

Domenico Crescenzo

CEO Screevo

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