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Warehouse efficiency through voice assistant

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SCAME PARRE S.p.A., at the head of the SCAME group, is a manufacturer of components and systems for low voltage electrical systems in the civil, tertiary and industrial sectors:

with plants in Italy, France, Portugal and Slovakia, a network of 18 branches and a consolidated network of distributors in over 80 countries on five continents, the Group currently has around 800 employees.

The company expressed the need to innovate logistics processes to make the registration of new incoming goods on the SAP management system more efficient.

“”We consider Screevo to be an excellent partner to start collaborations with and we are keen to increase the use of the solution in our organization.”

Fabio Gritti

Production manager at SCAME


Until now, staff had to place the goods that arrived in the warehouse in the designated place and then go to the PC, record the code and quantity, print a label to put where the goods were placed. This is in a transit warehouse, therefore subject to a large daily movement. The choice was to activate a voice-controlled system, which allows operators to communicate with the management system without leaving the shelves and warehouse spaces. To satisfy this business need, Screevo and its Voice Assistant for Deskless Workers were identified, which allows the creation of voice controls on any software system, without any necessary integration. Screevo, through the use of natural language understanding (NLU) and robotic process automation (RPA) algorithms, allows the voice assistant to interact without any difficulty with any software system, eliminating complexity and friction. Screevo was customized for SCAME’s logistics needs and is currently in use. The operators are equipped with headphones and microphone connected to the mobile phone, with which they communicate with the SAP management system, simply saying code, quantity, printer where to produce the labels. They are no longer forced to move after placing goods and spend time writing codes and numbers. For this reason, after an initial test period, the system was adopted with good results.


All the goals defined in the design phase have been achieved, and in particular:

Time Saving

saving of about two hours per day per operator

Mistakes Reduction

operator has no longer to go to the PC to enter data in SAP


significant saving of movements and time during the working day

With Screevo it is estimated a saving of about two hours per day per operator because he no longer has to go to the PC to enter data in SAP (about 3 minutes per operation for 40 movements per day), with the risk of making mistakes.

Now, while communicating with Screevo for data entry, it can handle the goods and store them in the appropriate bays. It is therefore a significant saving of movements and time during the working day.

This is why SCAME plans to extend Screevo applications to other sectors of the company organization, while maintaining constant integration with the SAP management system.

Screevo eliminates on-screen interaction for data entry into the system, allowing operators, employees and technicians to save up to 40% of their time. Curious? Contact us!

“It all started, according to the most recent research, about 3.2 million years ago. The appearance of the opposable thumb in an ancient ancestor of our species represented a crucial milestone in the development and success of man on the planet. We believe that the hands of every employee, worker or worker, heirs of that epochal turning point, must be able to express themselves in what they do best, rather than spending endless hours on the screen to introduce data.”

Domenico Crescenzo

CEO Screevo

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